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Brigitte · Plouffe

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i'm only really posting in here because pictures are way easier and look better in livejournal than in blogspot.


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i haven't updated this in quite some time now.

well, i went to wales. it was amazing.
one of, if not, THE best experience of my life.
and obviously, i was the happiest girl in the world when i saw my boyfriend for the first time in 2 months. words can't explain how much more i fell in love with him. i thought it impossible to feel this much for a single person.
i proved myself wrong.
after spending hours in bed, shopping in cardiff, meeting family and drinking ourselves silly at legendary pub's, we said our goodbyes.

i got home, and made myself sick. i came down with a horrible stomach flu.
only made worse by stress, and a longing of companionship of which will be made worse during the next 6 months.

but after 3 days, i finally heard his voice again. the weight off my chest and the pain in my gut suddenly went away.
i'm no longer sick. he IS my medicine.

"love is my cure, and he is my prescription!!" ♥
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alright, in less than 3 hours, i'll be boarding a flight to toronto.
then around 8, i'll be boarding my second flight to WALES.

this is it, wish me luck guys!!!

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i just came back from the bar.
it was amazing! i mean, jon wasn't there or anything, but he texted me and he said he .loved me so muhc and i'm crrying because i'm so happy that i'm with himm. i 'm happy he's not jealous and i that i love him so much and that in 9 days i'll be in his arms which is th nest thing that i think could happen. i love him so much, so id have a chance to tell him how much i feel. tell him that more than 10 months ago, i fell for him and that i always think about him and i'm crying, out of joy, because i love him so much,

yeah i'm drunk as fuckj but i don't care. i love jon, he texted me while i was at the bar. and he texted "do you love me?" and obviusly i said "yeah, i do. alot!" and the best thing he's ever said was " okay i believe you brig forver and ever amen. talk to you later. go9tta to go now, love you darlin. buhbnye," mayb enot that clear. becaus ei'm PRETTY drunmk right now. if you can understand what i say, the tell jon, tell him i love him so much and i've never been more excited in my life to see someone. i thought about him all night. i love him with all my heart. no it's not the alcohol talking, and it's defintealy NOT the alcohol. i love him.

i love you jonathan nicolas mulcahy. i love you so much. only days until i see you again. every breath i take and everything action i make, you are in mind. i love you more than anythign. anf just the thought of you makes me smile.

fuck you tequila!! i love jon!!!!
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and the countdown for his return begins.

jon left for wales yesterday morning, and thursday night was incredible.
i'm in complete awe by how much i've fallen for him in such a short span of time.

i was romanced.Collapse )

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post here anonymously something you know about me, that no one else does.
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